A Summer of Charcuterie

Introducing the ‘Angel Refrigeration Cured Meat Event 2020’

After the various crises that have faced the independent charcuterie sector this year, The Charcuterie Board have stepped in to support all those producers who entered the awards that were formerly being organised by the now liquidated Cannon & Cannon.

We are doing this as a show of support for all of these independent producers who have been through so much, and face so many challenges, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, we felt it was only right to create something positive as a one-off celebration of everything that is good about the British cured meat scene.

We are thrilled to have headline sponsors ‘Angel Refrigeration’ on board as well as further sponsorship from Peacock Salt and Angel’s specialised Charcuterie division. More information and features regarding the great work of these companies within the sector will be shared over the summer months. Their support for this event has made it all possible and we thanks them for all of their help.

The way we have decided to do this will encourage great social media interaction, as a result of the fact that this process will engage with hundreds of thousands of social media users as well as judges’ followers and friends, some great pictures, comments and even culinary recommendations such as wine pairings or recipe uses will add to the event.

We will be starting the process at the end of June and it will run on until the Autumn. This will allow a very relaxed approach, to really savour the products and ensure that we get the best possible feedback and will also create a nice long ‘Summer of Charcuterie’, to gain maximum exposure for producers and their wares all favourites and recommendations being announced in the Autumn, perfectly timed for the run up to Christmas. We have even commissioned some special trophies as the icing on the cured meat cake!

We think that this informal but also informative celebration of cured meats will be very fitting in this current time and will hopefully catch the public’s imagination, especially with the rise of internet mail order supply and people focusing on ways to enjoy themselves at home.

Best Wishes from everyone here at ‘The Charcuterie Board’ and don’t forget to keep up with ( and share!) all the news and announcements in relation to this ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ as it appears.