Affiliate Member – Taste of Game

One of the elements of The Charcuterie Board we are really keen to emphasise is our various ‘affiliate’ membership options. This allows allied organisations to collaborate and cooperate with his, and us with them to share opportunities, knowledge and news across the wider sector as a whole.

In the first of our introductions to Affiliate Organisations we are pleased to welcome Taste of Game as an affiliate member of the Charcuterie Board. Its an organisation that does important work in encouraging the increased use of game meat, as a source of food that is most certainly part of our heritage and also due to its innate sustainability and healthy nature, our future.

Taste of Game is an organisation that promotes the use Game wherever possible, through sharing game inspired recipes, passionate showcases by talented chefs, and it also hosts a dedicated Awards, highlighting the full array of beautiful game produce. Taste of Game takes deep pride in informing the consumer about game harvests and availability, supporting restaurant, pub and hotel establishments with game on their menus, as well as producers of fresh game meat and charcuterie. From pheasant to venison, Taste of Game can supply you with fresh produce, finished goods, brilliant recipes, or even recommend you nation wide suppliers to source from.

As Taste of Game would tell you, game is a sustainable source of meat, that can be hunted or harvested locally at low cost and with the low environmental impact of animals that live their natural lives in their natural habitats, not to mention the health benefits of game as a much lower fat meat than many other sources that is very rich in vitamins. So we would encourage both our producer members and public enthusiasts alike to visit Taste of Game’s website here- and check out what they do to help unlock our wild larders potential.