Angel Refrigeration ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ 2020 – Panelists individual ‘Favourites’

Here, in the first little taster of the results of our Summer of Charcuterie Review, we can share those products that were chosen as one off ‘Favourites’ within the different categories by individual panelists. This is not reflective of the aggregate preference rankings across the board that will define our Top 10 products by score, to be published later, but does show the diversity of both products and individual reviewers tastes that defined this wide ranging review.

Whole Muscle

Duchy Charcuterie Prosciutto

Deli Farm Cornish Coppa

Deli Farm Duck Prosciutto

Duchy Charcuterie Lomo

Hay Charcuterie Coppa

Hay Charcuterie Hereford Ham

Hay Charcuterie Lomo Embuchado

Hay Charcuterie Oak Smoked Fiocco

Helen Brownings Organic Organic Corned Beef 

Perinelli Coppa 

Perinelli Guanciale

SaltPig Curing Air Dried Smoked Belly

SaltPig Curing Air Dried Smoked Ham

Wildman Charcuterie Malhamdale Beltie Bresaola

All of these products were chosen as a favourite by one of our panelists as the tastiest product in their review group of products. The only exception to this diverse range of single nominations was the Duchy Prosciutto which was the only individual whole muscle product chosen as favourite by two separate panelists.

We can also see that Duchy, Deli Farm, Perinelli and SaltPig Curing all had two different products nominated as favourites whilst Hay Charcuterie had an amazing four separate whole muscle products chosen as panelists favourites!


Curing Rebels The Brighton Salami

Duchy Charcuterie Fennel Salami

Duchy Charcuterie Napoli Salami

Duchy Charcuterie Nduja

Duchy Charcuterie Lap Cheong

Great Glen Charcuterie Venison & Green Pepper Salami

Hay Charcuterie Herefordshire Cider Chorizo

Hay Charcuterie Nduja

London Smoke & Cure House Saucisson

SaltPig Curing Cotswold Chorizo

SaltPig Curing Garlic & Pepper Salami

The Bakers Pig Sanguinaccio Dolce

The Real Cure Smoked Dorset Nduja

A clear ‘favourite’ was evident in the Salami category with Rebel Curings’ vibrant Brighton Salami being chosen no less than three times as a favourite product by separate panelists. Close behind were SaltPig Curing Garlic & Pepper Salami, Duchy ‘Nduja and Real Cure Smoked Dorset ‘Nduja all of which were picked by two panelists as their favourites.

In terms of producers whose products were chosen the most often as personal favourites we can see that Duchy had an impressive four different products chosen with SaltPig Curing and Hay Charcuterie both having two products in the list.


Ke Nako Billtong Biltong

Hay Charcuterie Absinthe & Black Garlic salami

One of the standout stars in the snacking category was Ke Nako Biltong, chosen as the favourite product in the review group by three separate panelists. The other snack product chosen as a favourite was the Hay Charcuterie Absinthe & Black Garlic snacking salami.

Whilst these individual ‘favourites’ were highlighted by every one of our panelists within each group of products they were asked to review, the overall aggregate scoring shows a very different picture where high averages across many reviewers dictate which products make the best ranked Top Ten in each category – we will be sharing these results next!