Angel Refrigeration ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ 2020 rankings

Top Tens

Finally! After an amazing Summer of tastings across several months, involving dozens of panelists reviews, hundreds of products from diverse range of the country finest charcuterie producers, Here we have the top ten ranked products in each category from the whole review as per their averaged ranking given by all of our panelists.

Well done to all of these wonderful producers. Lots more feedback and discussion to follow as we break down results, look at individual products and producers as well as detailed comments from our great panel of reviewers.

Whole Muscle


Hay Charcuterie Hereford Ham

Joint 2nd

Hay Charcuterie Coppa

Duchy Charcuterie Prosciutto

Joint 3rd

The Bakers Pig Pepper Coppa

Hay Charcuterie Lomo Embuchado


Perinelli Guanciale

Joint 5th

The Real Cure Dorset Aberdeen Angus Bresaola

Wildman Charcuterie Malhamdale Beltie Bresaola

Good Game Charcuterie Devon Coppa Ham

Deli Farm Cornish Coppa

Duchy Charcuterie Lomo

Hay Charcuterie Oak Smoked Fiocco

Duchy Charcuterie Speck

Perinelli Coppa

Wildman Charcuterie Yorkshire Gin Coppa


SaltPig Curing Air Dried Smoked Belly

Joint 7th

SaltPig Curing Spiced Loin

Curing Rebels Shichimi Togarashi Ox Heart

SaltPig Curing Four Peppercorn Collar


Curing Rebels Air Dried Pork Collar


SaltPig Curing Air Dried Smoked Ham

Joint 10th

Deli Farm Duck Prosciutto

Deli Farm Smoked Lamb Prosciutto 

Good Game Charcuterie Devon Ruby Beef Bresoala

Duchy Charcuterie Bresaola



Curing Rebels The Brighton Salami


Hay Charcuterie Herefordshire Cider Chorizo

Joint 3rd

Duchy Charcuterie Lap Cheong

Duchy Charcuterie Fennel Salami


SaltPig Curing Cotswold Chorizo

Joint 5th

Wildman Charcuterie Wild Boar Salami

Great Glen Charcuterie Venison & Green Pepper Salami

Joint 6th

London Smoke & Cure House Saucisson

Perinelli Garlic Spianata

SaltPig Curing Cotswold Nduja

The Real Cure Smoked Dorset Nduja

Hay Charcuterie Nduja


SaltPig Curing Garlic & Pepper Salami

Joint 8th

Duchy Charcuterie Nduja

SaltPig Curing Champagne & Pink Peppercorn Salami

The Bakers Pig Sanguinaccio Dolce

Duchy Charcuterie Hungarian Salami

Hay Charcuterie Fennel Salami

Joint 9th

Duchy Charcuterie Spianata

Perinelli Fennel Salami


Great Glen Charcuterie Scottish Pork Salami 



Ke Nako Billtong Biltong

Joint 2nd

Deli Farm Beef Crisps 

Ke Nako Billtong Chilli Biltong

Hay Charcuterie Absinthe & Black Garlic salami


Ke Nako Billtong Droewors


Ke Nako Billtong Garlic Biltong

Joint 5th

Hay Charcuterie Firecracker

SaltPig Curing Garlic & Pepper Beer Sticks

Joint 6th

Wildman Charcuterie NorthBrew Beer Sticks

Duchy Charcuterie Chorizo Snack Sticks

SaltPig Curing Fennel & Pearsons Cider Sticks

Joint 7th

Hay Charcuterie Seaweed and Black Pepper Salami

SaltPig Curing Cotswold Chorizo Beer Sticks

Joint 8th

Good Game Charcuterie Devon Ruby Beef Biltong

Good Game Charcuterie Devon Fire Nibblers Nibblers


Good Game Charcuterie Topsham Tuscan Snacking Salami


Deli Farm Devils Pokers