A huge congratulations to Hay Charcuterie, Rebel Curing and Ke Nako Biltong for making the top ranked products in each category. A few of the comments from our panel show just how popular these were.

Links below the pictures will help you find these amazing treats on line!

Top ranked Muscle product

Hay Charcuterie – Hereford Ham

A wonderful example of how to do a really top quality air dried ham with a regional twist. Beautifully presented with texture and flavours to match – Well done Hay Charcuterie!

Beautifully presented packaging, perfectly sliced, great deep colour to the meat.”

Perfectly pitched seasoning that complements the pork, stunning !”

Really nice deep meaty flavour.”

That subtle cider wash really shines!”

Looks stunning, delightful texture and balanced flavours – absolutely great product!”


Top ranked Salami product

Curing Rebels – The Brighton Salami

A dazzlingly fresh and vibrant salami from the boys in Brighton. The feedback says it all on this clear category favourite!

Outstanding! Mellow yet rich flavour with an aromatic flow from the fennel. Plus the packaging is fully biodegradeble.”

Great texture and bright clean flavours, FAB product!”

Absolute stunner, lovely flavour.”

Best salami I’ve tasted in ages. Lovely smells!”

Really nice flavour and texture, really enjoyed this one!”

Great shoutout to origin of the pepper.”


and Finally…

Top ranked snack product

Ke Nako Biltong – Biltong

One of the real surprises of the event – well done to Ke Nako who dominated the snack category with their beautifully made products.

Delicious! Best biltong I’ve had this side of the equator!”

The more you chew, the more the flavour comes out.”

Excellent blend of spices and can really taste the beef.”

WOW! Amazing flavour, perfect texture.”

Nice beefy depth of flavour shines through.”

Really good! very flavourful and great melting texture – we all loved it!”