Angel Refrigeration

‘Summer of Charcuterie 2021’ Headline Sponsors and so much more!

We have been very proud to have Angel Refrigeration as our Headline Sponsor for the ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ once again in 2021. Their approach to the UK charcuterie sector is one of advice, support and finding the very best way to help producers achieve the best results they can. They offer equipment specifically tailored to suit a variety of needs, whilst still giving longer term flexibility for future growth or adaptation as people find their feet or discover what type of production suits their market best.

The one thing that both consumers and producers need, more than anything, when either starting out or growing in scale, is confidence in the quality and safety of their charcuterie products. Angel have helped so many achieve this through the installation of easy to use, reliable and proven cabinets, dedicated walk ins and other facilities for fermentation, curing and ageing. Along with the experienced support of Julie and the team at Angel this gives producers, and their customers, complete confidence, and with this confidence in the production process comes an ability to then focus on style and flavours that will help products stand out in the market.

‘All in One’ Cabinet solutions

Angel Refrigeration supply a vast range of Everlasting Meatico cabinets and rooms (formally branded Stagionatore) either with the  ‘All In One’ solutions from fermentation through to finish or simply for drying. The equipment is easy to use, with pre-set, environmental control options and the ability to set up recipe specific programmes. Alternatively, they can form one element of a multistage approach combined with their meat storage and ageing refrigeration units. The new Meatico Seasoning Rooms allow a large scale, flexible production system with full, long term, product support and maintenance. The new generation now includes a touch screen controller and WIFI enablement.  Helping make the investment involved a safe and profitable one.

So many of our producer members will know and value everything Angel do for them, working as part of the wider team that helps their business thrive and their craft shine. There could be no better recommendation for those looking to scale up or find a knowledgeable, up to date and reliable commercial partner as they move forward. Or as they say, ‘The proof is in the eating’ and, across the sector, that shone through in our ‘Summer of Charcuterie 2021’ tastings!

For a discussion about how, or what, Angel Refrigeration have to offer Charcuterie makers get in touch HERE