Air Drying a Prosciutto Style Ham UK

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      Hello, I’m new to the forum. I’ve dabbled with charcuterie for a few years using venison and rabbit which I hunt. I have cured and air dried whole venison haunches successfully but will be rearing a pig soon, which will be ready in spring. I will also be given half a pig at the start of December.

      My question is, with the best time of year here in the UK for air drying being from October till April and the time it takes to air dry a whole ham, part of that period will have to be during the warmer months, so how is it possible? I don’t have mains power and no refrigeration {which is how I got into preserving fish and meat in the first place} so when would the best time be to begin the air drying? Should I air dry the December ham or the spring ham?

      I have built a fly proof meat safe outside in a shady windy spot where I will be hanging the meat, which has worked very well for the previously mentioned venison haunches and Bresaola.

      Thanks in advance, John

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