‘Great British Bacon Making Tour 2020’

The Charcuterie Board are pleased to announce that, as a result of the popularity of the ‘Great British Bacon Making’ group on Facebook, that its members set up last year and have seen grow enormously since, a UK Tour with hands on classes, talks (and plenty of eating) will be taking place at venues throughout the country next year.

Get togethers in the South West, South East, Midlands, Wales, North West, North East and Scotland will provide simple classes on making the best quality bacon, more adventurous flavours and curing techniques and also plenty of cooking the results!

The great thing about the classes will be that, as well as learning about the simple and safe science behind the curing process, all of the knowledge shared will be suitable for home makers in their fridges. No one will leave empty handed either, able to take their newly prepared goodies home with them to eat a week or so later.

Some of the Boards expert tutors will be sharing step by step, easy to follow guidance on basic science and practical knowledge on how to perfect Dry Curing, Brine curing whilst some fancier flavours will also feature along with some great ideas to try out once you have the basics down.

The Charcuterie Board will be teaming up with some of its great commercial members to supply everything home ‘Baconeers’ will need to never run out of high quality, super cheap, home produced product ever again!

Stay tuned for dates, venues and tickets early in the new year for what will be the tastiest Tour of 2020!