Ke Nako Biltong – It’s Amazing!

Sharp eyed observers may have noticed that the sensational Biltong from our wonderful producer members Ke Nako did not feature on The Charcuterie Board selection of 2021 announced earlier today. This is not for lack of popularity with our panelists, it was reviewed as one of our top rated entries two years in a row, its just that it is not really a ‘charcuterie board’ sort of a snack. Its an every day essential instead!

Whether you are out walking the dog, hiking in the hills, cycling, training, messing about on the water or busy at work, this addictively tasty biltong (and we mean ‘seriously addictive’, like cannot stop eating it addictive!) belongs in your pocket, in your glove compartment or stuffed in the pouch of your tool belt for a high protein, healthy blast of flavour whenever you need it!

Made the traditional South African way, but rich with the lush pastures of Northern Ireland this organic beef treat scored some top marks in the Summer of Charcuterie review both last year and this.

If you haven’t tried this product we literally cannot recommend it enough, even people who might not think they are fans of this traditional South African snack will be bowled over at just how delicious this is in Garlic, Chilli and the fabulous ‘Original’ styles, every one is a winner with us!

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