Make the most of your Charcuterie Board membership

We are ecstatic with the growth that’s taken place on the Charcuterie Board over the last few months, with so many producers and commercial members signing up while we’ve been able to partner with some amazing affiliate organizations and open our doors to the public. We hope this growth will continue over this new year, and help us build a thriving community right at the center of the Charcuterie industry. However, we want a member led organization here, that hones in on what the members want to see. To make the most of a charcuterie board membership you need to use it in the way that suits your needs best, by tailoring your profile, posting your queries to the community, exploiting and adding to our resource library, and by advertising your produce through the platform.

When optimizing your profile small steps go far, simply adding a profile picture makes your posts and comments more recognizable, while links to your own website and a small bio about what you do encourages others to check out your business and take an interest in your products. Your profile is yours and only yours, its where other members can go to see all your threads and posts, all your advertisement and a place to go message you directly so it only makes sense to make it about you.

Posting into the forums is easy to do and provides the heartbeat of what we want to do at the charcuterie board. Interaction is key, so whether you’ve recently found a great recipe, you’re over the moon with you latest batch of salamis and just want to show it off, or you’re looking for advice on anything charcuterie or curing related then please share by all means, this is what we’re here for, and if you use our tagging feature you’ll be letting that member know via notification that you’re after their help.

Hand in hand with posting into the forums comes using and adding to the resource libraries. If its a salami, a bacon or a sausage recipe along with anything else meat related then check out whats there to use a recipe, simply for inspiration, or just to learn new processes we’re sure we can help with what you need, and if you cant find it there then just ask and someone will be happy to help, and likewise, if you think you have something to add then do- whether it be one member or many someone will find your input useful.

Advertisement is another key benefit of a charcuterie board membership, whether you’re a producer or a commercial member, if you have something to sell then show it off here, not only is its free but we’d love to see what you do and promote your businesses wherever we can.

So please, utilize your membership to its full and enjoy the benefits activity.