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We are pleased to announce the bringing together of both the ‘The Charcuterie Board‘, promoting and championing independent producers and their craft, and the huge global social media based community ‘The Salt Cured Pig‘. This offers a fantastic way for people to interact. learn and support the very best in cured meats.

The Charcuterie Board offers a great way for everyone – from consumers or home makers who are enthusiastic about charcuterie, to independent producers who are the mainstay of the association, through to all of the allied businesses, professional services providers and affiliated organisations – to all come together and celebrate, enjoy and promote high quality, artisan cured meats.

All of these diverse interests can use both ‘The Charcuterie Board‘ and ‘The Salt Cured Pig‘ to come together and discuss common issues all in one place, promote their businesses, products and services in an interactive, dynamic way and also, crucially, it provides the perfect space for knowledge to be pooled, information shared and collaborations to all help the sector progress.

Joining us will bring many benefits and provide customised access to various areas of both online platforms and their huge resources.

Public Members can sign up, COMPLETELY FREE, to both ‘The Salt cured Pig‘ on-line community and ‘The Charcuterie Board‘ Website Forums where they can be part of discussions, learn, have access to course and event information, a growing archive of great recipes, advice and other resources whilst keeping fully up to date on news and developments as well as offering priority access and discounts.

For Producer Members, both the public Facebook community and the, more private, The Salt Cure Pig group and The Charcuterie Board website forum provide an indispensable way to discuss technical issues, working together to tackle the common challenges facing the sector, effective promotion of your business and it’s products in a space shared by buyers, wholesalers & consumers. It also offers great networking between farmers, chefs, allied industries and important service providers. Meaning that you have everyone connected with both the upstream and downstream of your business, talking together in one place. Happily, it also means FREE entry to many of the organisations schemes and events such as The Charcuterie Board ‘Summer of Charcuterie‘ which is the largest consumer Review undertaken every year or ‘The Charcuterie Board Silver Stars‘ Index scheme which recognises the highest standards globally and also FREE entry to live expo events to promote your business and its products.

For Affiliate Members, those companies, service providers or organisations that are part of the wider charcuterie sector it offers an extremely low cost way to access their markets, interact with all aspects of the industry and promote your own goods, services, projects or organisations and their benefits with the ability to freely promote yourselves, product launches and offers in various ways all year long.

We can’t wait to welcome you ‘on Board’!

Membership plans

Please see individual membership options for full details.

Public Membership
Allied Businesses & Organisations
JUST £25 Per Year!
Producer Membership
JUST £175 Per Year