The Charcuterie Board wants to encourage communication, networks and collaboration between all aspects of the production cycle, facilitating better relationships between all of those involved.

It is for this reason that we want allied trades and especially our Butchers, who form such a foundational part of the sector, to all be a part of the wider conversation through affiliate membership.

For a small annual subscription affiliate members will enjoy access to non-public areas of The Charcuterie Board web platform, including direct access to Producer members and allied businesses, allowing a perfect opportunity to discuss supply, promote your own work, look at new techniques & understanding of methods, challenges and costs as well as providing a source for new product ideas, supply side enquiries and more from across the sector globally. This way we can all seek to better tailor production to trends and needs within the industry, making things more responsive, efficient and sustainable as we go.

For Butchers this will mean creating new relationships with sundry supply businesses, wholesalers, vital food safety information, training opportunities & practical help as well as access to farmers to look at value addition, processing ideas or sourcing of specialist makers who can add variety and diversity to your existing offer. It will also create an ideal environment for keeping up to date with breaking news, asking questions and promoting your own work and getting your voices heard within the industry.

All affiliate members will also benefit from priority access and discounts to live events and promotional opportunities.