Producer Membership

As an independent producer, you are the heart of The Charcuterie Board!

Membership here and by joining our huge on line community at ‘The Salt Cured Pig’ offers a unique and unparalleled opportunity to discuss, research and collaborate as you move forward with your work and also provides a chance to network with allied commercial companies and organisations, offering you technical help, professional services and one-to-one communication to support you and your business.

What’s more, as well as being part of The Charcuterie Board and Salt Cured Pig community, Producer Membership also includes great value direct benefits:

  • 10 Free entries into the annual ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ Review (across 3 categories muscle, salami & snacking). This is now the only dedicated Charcuterie review/awards in the UK, representing the largest independent product review in the sector ever undertaken. (These entries alone would typically cost around £300 in alternative ‘awards’ schemes).
  • Invitation to attend the TCB annual Conference Day in the Autumn – a full day of relaxed networking, discussion and presentations with lunch included. Guest speakers, Q&A sessions and product and service demonstrations from sponsors. The day ends with the ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ result announcements and trophy presentations. This is the only conference of its type, for the sector to come together and discuss shared challenges and how we can better work together.
  • Consideration for the TCB ‘Silver Star’ Index – an in depth review and assessment process which encapsulates careful review of the whole of the charcuterie producers business, its products, sourcing, flair and overall ethos. Winners are awarded as Star as the highest international marque of excellence.
  • Invitation to attend the TCB Celebration Evening in London to relax, mix with other makers, industry figures, the press and sponsors. The evening culminates with the years’ TCB ‘Silver Star’ Index announcements.
  • Single day events and opportunities on offer throughout the year, run in conjunction with affiliate businesses, partners and our sponsors around the UK, that you may be invited to participate in or attend.
  • Free website banner advertising – Options to promote your business, products and events on banner ads across our web pages all included Free of charge to producer members. Simply provide the images or videos you wish us to use.
  • Promotional articles about you and your business published and distributed across linked media partners.
  • Social Media promotion across all of our SM platforms and within our associated Groups including as The Salt Cured Pig (overall audience over 35k).
  • link with British Pig Association Members, for selling/buying charcuterie pigs and making contacts with your local area breeders.
  • Calendar of Events – for all members to advertise courses, events or promotions.
  • Recipe archive as well as publication and promotion.
  • Exclusive Recipe calculators and conversion tools.     

Join now to get great value, unique benefits and be a part of something bigger!