Professional Services

Individuals, companies or organisations which offer relevant professional services to the global charcuterie sector, such as food safety consultants, operators of training courses & culinary schools, marketing & branding agencies, specialist insurance brokers, contract packers etc. can all join The Charcuterie Board as a way to integrate themselves into vital markets and engage in an ongoing dialogue, promoting services they can offer, discussing details with members, getting all important feedback in order to improve their business and stay right up to date with all of the sector’s latest developments. All for less of the cost than one trade magazine advertisement!

Fundamentally, it also allows members to reach out to their target market in one dedicated space in order to increase their customer base in a focused and economical way.

Specific benefits of Professional Services membership include:

  • All Professional Services members will have a promotional space within the platform as well as branding on the directory pages so that other members can see what your business offers and get easy access for contact and communication.
  • All Professional Services members will have access to The Charcuterie Board forums to discuss relevant topics, invite feedback from existing customers and undertake research through communication with the entire market.
  • All Professional Services members will also have access to a dedicated promotional space within The Charcuterie Board platform where they can set out their range of services, launch new initiatives, promote offers and have unlimited scope to engage with their targeted market.
  • All Professional Services members will benefit from all relevant discounts offered by other members and have the opportunity to offer incentives and discounts themselves to trade and public members.
  • All Professional Services members will be able to join any of the official working group projects, have access to these groups where applicable as well as the resources they generate.
  • All Professional Services members, businesses and organisations will also be promoted to the wider public through open access areas of the web platform and through resources offered to public and media members.
  • All Professional Services members will get special reduced rates & other opportunities when taking part in live events organised by The Charcuterie Board.