New partnership with the British Pig Association announced

One of the main objectives of The Charcuterie Board’s work is trying to bring elements of the cured meat sector, all over the world, together in order resolve common problems. Sometimes there are specific challenges faced by one set of stakeholders, the solution to which also helps another part of the sector. Win – Win has never been as tasty as this example!

In an exciting new collaboration with the British Pig Association we have worked with them to provide a dedicated area of the website for BPA Members to offer perfect Charcuterie pigs for sale direct to our producer members.

One of the most important thing for Charcuterie makers is sourcing high quality pork and this ideally means well cared for, well fed older/larger animals. Transparency regarding husbandry, breed or other genetic characteristics. Being able to trust in the provenance of their main ingredient is the cornerstone of their production process.

Similarly, farmers who have taken such care in the rating and finishing of their animals will always want them to go somewhere all of that effort will be respected. When sows come to teh end of their productive life they have been traditionally undervalued in teh wider market but they are just what the Charcuterie makers are looking for.

By creating a way for these two parties to connect, directly and look to build relationships going forward offers a perfect and timely mutual benefit for farmers and cured meat producers alike.

BPA members can sign up as affiliate members HERE and have access, not only to all of the other benefits of affiliate membership, but make great use of this free advertising and networking space on the websites ‘community forum pages’. Producer members can also then use the same space to look at BPA members listings and source suitable pigs, find local farmers they can work with and solve these two perennial problems in one go!

We are so pleased to have partnered with the BPA to establish this great resource and look forward to working together as the project grows.