News – SoC USA!

From 2023 onward, The Summer of Charcuterie will be opening its doors to producers in North America! This will be organised in the same format as in the UK. Entries will be opened in March, when producers can confirm what products they want to enter, all entirely FREE. They will then be given some date son which to send samples in for review by our panellists.

All of the reviews will then be undertaken by our panellists, who include industry experts, chefs, writers and just some straightforward enthusiastic consumers! This will be in April and May, with each panellist providing comments on everything from presentation, taste, texture and aroma through to overall appeal. A simple scoring will then be averaged across all of the panellists to provide a result for each product. The public announcement of results, the awarding of certificates and rosettes being will then take place in June each year.

It is anticipated that this will give independent American producers fantastic value in terms of promotion during the summer season and cement The Summer of Charcuterie as the principle, and largest, independent review of artisan cured meats in the world!

Invitations to enter will open in March this year, with all North American based independent producers free to take part.