Our Summer of Charcuterie 2021 sponsors ‘Angel Refrigeration’ going from strength to strength

As we prepare to announce the results of another years ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ review, we can again confirm that it represents the largest independent consumer review of cured meats, ever undertaken in the UK. We are so pleased that this year saw an even bigger selection of products sent on by our producer members for consideration by our panelists.

Such an important event, giving both invaluable feedback to the producers themselves and a great snapshot and buying guide for consumers looking to put together this seasons charcuterie boards, would not be possible without our fantastic sponsors. Chief among these supportive partners is, of course, Angel Refrigeration who, once again, have been on board as our main event sponsor.

Angel are well known within the sector and have really played a fundamental role, with both their fabulous equipment but, crucially, also their wonderful customer support and advice, in bringing professional, reliable and consistent results to small and medium scale charcuterie producers across the UK scene.

Whether it’s the independent artisan makers who are the core of the sector, through to specialist butchers shops and restaurants who have ventured into ‘house made’ cured meats Angel have helped countless clients find a way to achieve safe and consistently high quality produce, giving their customers the confidence to expand and market an exceptional range of hand crafted charcuterie to the charcuterie loving public.

We would like to thank Julie, Claire and the whole Angel team for their continued support in helping the Summer of Charcuterie grow year on year just as their own involvement in the cured meats sector has done!

To see their full range of great curing cabinets and discuss how they can help you, get in touch with Angel, we, and a huge number of their satisfied customers would highly recommend it! www.angelrefrigeration.co.uk