Pack and Slice: Our first working group

We’re incredibly excited to say that the first of our working groups, which we hope to become a mainstay of what we do here on the Charcuterie Board has got underway. In conjunction with the British Contract Manufacturing and Packers Association, a internationally respected trade association, we have created a tool to try and help solve one of the most time consuming and costly issues for British charcuterie producers: finding a suitable slicing and co-packing partner for your business.

Due to the high investment cost of some industrial slicing and packaging lines, many producers need to slice and package their own charcuterie, which for many of those producers is a highly time consuming and more often than not, expensive procedure so we’ve been working on a solution. By working through the BCMPA we’ve been able to design a simple tool to fill out that will be sent to a range of national and suitably certified packers who can meet your specific requirements in volume, and specifications for white label packing, slicing, or both, at a low cost. Some of these companies can even handle fulfilment for you, sending your products straight to the retailers you supply without you needing to handle the goods again, saving valuable time and money for our producer members.

We’re also looking for community involvement in the project, and indeed have already had some producer members who do have the facilities to pack and slice at an industrial level come forward to offer up their services as part of the movement for a more efficient way to get the charcuterie you make out the chamber and into the marketplace.

If you’re a producer who thinks they could benefit from this scheme then please, take a look at the form we’ve designed here; and potential partners should get back to you in 2-3 days with information on what they can do for you.