Producer Profile: Cobble Lane Cured

Her e we take a look at popular producer members Cobble Lane Cured, an Islington based company producing outstanding charcuterie for the last six years, made from the finest British meats, and playing around with a range of European styles that now supply top London restaurants as wholesale as well as being available to the public..

Team of four Matt Atkinson, Matt Hill, Adam Brudnowski, and Lucy Hill began operations in 2013. Matt, Matt and Adam worked together at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa Butchers shop and decided they’d like to pursue their own project, making charcuterie in London. This project got underway after taking over at what had been Picco Salumi on 25 Cobble Lane, Islington and starting their own company. Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, producing high welfare British charcuterie, using free range British pork in their salami’s, Mangalitza bred in Yorkshire, while British Wagyu beef is a mainstay, as well as curing some Lamb and Goat as well. The cured goods Cobble Lane supply are creative in their nature, mixing tradition German and Italian methods of drying to achieve their desired results.

Cobble Lane are producing charcuterie that draws on a range of European styles and techniques for curing and butchery, using the skills the team had picked up from years of working as butchers and the study of charcuterie in Sicily and Sardinia. The spices used are of excellent quality and bought in from around the world, ground and blended for every batch to provide the rich depth of flavor that the fine meats used deserve. They also pride themselves on using all the meat from their bought in stock as efficiently as they can, meaning that the company not only produces the like of salami’s and hams but also good such as frankfurters how they should be made or a smoked beef heart pepperoni to add to their already impressive range that includes Coppa, Bresoala, ‘Nduja, Pancetta, and a range of sliced Salami’s in classic styles of Salt & Pepper and Fennel & Garlic, and a wonderful Soppressata.

To try their goods you should visit their London outlet, or order online here