Producer Profile- Good Game

This week we’re taking a look at Good Game, a Devon-based company of proud artisan makers of charcuterie and cured meats who take seriously the simple, traditional way they do things, producing their goods in the most natural ways possible with a strong sense of local connection.

Working from their base in Topsham, Good Game make everything by hand and with the most natural and organic ingredients they can, including an entire nitrite and nitrate-free range of cured meats that include nitrate-free bacon. Along with this stress on the importance of natural ingredients is a desire to produce their food with the most local ingredients possible, sourcing their sundries and equipment from local fields, farms, and supply companies, even often getting their spices from Devon producers or importers who can ensure the quality of the ingredients they use.

Good Game also has a strong focus on the locality and quality of the meat they use in their curing, rearing their own traditional breed pigs at the Powderham estate or buying from local farmers to ensure quality. The game they use is also either hunted locally, often by themselves. This again ensures the quality, locality, and natural elements of the food they produce. We can firmly recommend that you give Good Game’s charcuterie a try, and you can find the full range on their website by following the link here –