Producer Profile- London Smoke & Cure

This producer profile looks into a small award winning smokehouse tucked away into a quiet corner of Streatham, London Smoke & Cure are producers of high quality, artisan foods with a strong weight placed on the freshness and the quality of the meat they use.

Its impossible to talk about London Smoke & Cure without talking about their shashimi grade, cold smoked salmon. A simple blend of salt, juniper, sugar and some English Oak and Beech smoke is all that goes into these beauties. A superior grade of Scottish salmon Farmed in Shetland and Orkney, Smoke & Cure will often begin working with their salmon just 16 hours after its harvested. This give the product an unparalleled freshness, as it can end up on your plate as little as three days after it comes out the water. As they say themselves, ‘No one else is able to get you smoked salmon that fresh.’

As well as producing such quality salmon, Smoke & Cure also have a range of stunning dry cured bacon’s, salamis and whole cured muscle. With pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pork, reared by a co-operative of family farms in Yorkshire, great stress is again placed on the quality of the meat used. At Smoke & Cure they’re fans of dry curing and air drying, giving their bacon’s a deep concentrated flavor that they aim to make ‘a million miles away from the bacon peddled in supermarkets.’ From the London Standard Coppa to the classic N’duja we could not recommend London Smoke & Cure more highly. Please visit their website to find the full range here