Producer Profile – SaltPig Curing Company

This weeks producer profile feature focuses on the SaltPig Curing Company, a UK producer of cured meats run by Chef and Charcutier Ben Dulley. Having worked as head Chef at the prestigous Cotswold pub the Kingham Plough, Ben developed a keen passion for curing and has since produced a range of exquisite and often unique products focused on quality ingredients.

All pork used by in the production of SaltPig’s salami comes exclusively from rare breed pigs, reared locally in Chipping Norton, and fully traceable to their breed- giving the products a sense of individuality, and creating a brand that is proud of its strong local ties.

Amongst many other treats, the product range from SaltPig Curing includes hand made Salami, which is femented without any additional commercial starter cultures to give it a truly unique flavour, a cold smoked Tenderloin cured with lemon and rosemary, and a Cotswold ‘Nduja’, all of which are expertly crafted and as always contain only the finest of ingredients.

Ben has created a company that has developed a strong local brand with a respected standard of produce, and he has done this along side his wife Sam, who has run the admin side of the business, as well as their two children, together they hope to build a family enterprise that can supply locally made, high quality products, that are passionately produced with respect for the natural processes that make Charcuterie the artform that it is. To check out the full rang from the SaltPig Curing Company please visit