Fresh sausage

Classic Herb Banger

By John Gower on 10 November 2021
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A simple all purpose English banger with great herbal notes running through it!

Classic Herb Banger

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Meat typePork


  • Pork (Lean Meat) 750g
  • Pork Fat 250g
  • Iced Water 60g
  • Rusk 60g
  • Sea Salt 12g
  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper 2g
  • Dried Sage 2g
  • Ground Nutmeg 1g
  • Dried Thyme 0.5g
  • Marjoram 0.5g


  1. Chill or par-freeze Meat & Fat
  2. Grind twice on a medium plate
  3. Mix in salt, Rusk, Iced water and all other ingredients
  4. Mix well until paste becomes sticky
  5. Stuff into natural hog casings of preferred diameter and link
  6. Refrigerate overnight (ideally hanging)