Bacon & hams

Easy Basic Bacon

By John Gower on 13 November 2021
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This is a simple, basic British Style unsmoked Bacon that will get even the absolute beginner hooked on making their own. Once perfected, add sugars, herbs, spices and whatever else you like but just keep this base method the same and all will be well!

Easy Basic Bacon

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CategoryBacon & hams
Meat typePork


  • Pork Belly (skin on or off as preferred) 1000g
  • Fine Sea Salt 22.75g
  • EU/UK Grade Cure#1 2.4g -or- US grade Cure#1 2.88g


  1. Mix Sea Salt and Cure#1 together
  2. Apply Salt and Cure mix to pork belly (approx 75% to meat and 25% to skin side)
  3. Set on a rack above a tray (or put in a vac or ziplock bag) in fridge for at least 2 days per inch of thickness
  4. Rinse and pat meat dry then rest in fridge for about a week for flavour to develop and cure to equalise throughout meat
  5. par freeze before slicing to desired thickness
  6. enjoy!