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Everyday Bratwurst

By Peter Gee on 19 December 2021
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A nice ‘all rounder’ with mild tasty flavour and good texture. Perfect in a soft roll with caramelised onions and mustard or a beer cheese sauce.

Everyday Bratwurst

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Meat typePork


  • Pork Shoulder 800g
  • Pork Belly. 200g
  • Iced water. 70g
  • Non Fat Dried Milk Powder 30g
  • Salt 11g
  • Superphos 3g
  • Freshly ground black pepper 3g
  • Dried Marjoram 2g
  • Dried rubbed Sage 2g


  1. Par freeze meat and fat
  2. Grind meats together on a medium plate
  3. Mix all ingredients together until well incorporated
  4. Re grind whole mixture on a fine plate twice more until smooth
  5. Stuff into medium hog casings
  6. Link to preferred size (I like approx 6-8")
  7. Hang to dry off and set
  8. Poach in salted water (or beer) gently then finish on grill