Salami & dried sausage

Fall Italian Garden Salami

By Christian Counasse on 01 December 2021
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While making hot Italian sausage I wanted to do a fall Italian Salami that would go well with the end of year holidays. I kind of Winged this and hoped for the best. I had some guidance and had been told to just make it up and learn so here I went. the results have been great on this one. 

The olives, garden fresh pesto basil, hard Parm really bring a flavor that stands out without being overwhelming. 

Below I am listing the recipe and the steps I took to get where I am on this one, can’t wait for the next rial sausage (venison salami) to come out in a few weeks. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I am.

Fall Italian style Salami

4530 Grams Boston butt
135.9 Grams Kosher salt
1 tbsp. garlic
1 tbsp. Dried Garlic
1 tbsp. Onion Dried
4 tbsp. multi color peppercorn
5 grams Cilantro, dried
5 grams Paprika (sweet)
5 grams Paprika (Smoked Spanish, Gustus Vitae)
3 grams Fennel
3 grams Anise
20 grams red pepper
0.5 cups Diced Black olives
0.75 cups Hard Italian parmigiana
0.5 cups Diced red onion
0.25 cups Fresh basil pesto
0.5 cups Mozzarella (thin sliced)
2.5 cups Dry red Wine
13.6 grams no.1 Prague powder
0.5 cups Cherry tomato
18.12 grams Dextrose
as needed Water (distilled)
0.25 tsp Flavor of Italy starter culture
0.25 tsp Mold 600 Dilute in water and I add a pinch of dextrose
1 pack 34mm hog casing

“Grind meat on 6mm plate and Fat on 8mm plate (meat and fat ground at 34degrees.
All fresh veg ingredients, Dice and cube to no greater than 1/8″”
all cheese no greater than 1/8″”, mozzarella slice to 1/8″”x 3″” to allow it to run thru sausage when cased. (Later it had been recommended after that any garden sourced ingredients are blanched to avoid contamination, Mine turned out fine this time but a very good idea)
Fennel, anise roast on skillet and grind with mortar and pestal to powder
half the peppercorn (multicolor) grind with anise and fennel
mix dry ingredients, red wine, 1 cup water (distilled)to allow seasons to blend easier into meat.
Mix dry and fresh ingredients into meat until meat become sticky and strand looking.
add rehydrated starter culture (use distilled water to rehydrate) just after all other ingredients are blended into meat and before it is sticky and stranding.
Hog casing used for this was 34mm, rinsed and soaked in warm hot tap water then drained and soaked in distilled water to allow mold grown on outside of casing and not to interrupt the starter culture (chlorinates in water?) Prick sausage to allow air to leave sausage
Ferment meat after casing to 5.2 to 4.9pH, I use a spray bottle and apply mold 600 to the link sausage outer case periodically during the fermentation.
use a small tag and scale to write the date, description, actual starting weight and target weigh loss of 35 to 40% loss(6weeks?).
When done remove casing and wipe down with a Pinot Grigio wine, vacuum seal to equalize water content.
* use a quality cut of meat, Walmart butts are injected and not the best for this
** Replace batteries frequently on scale, mine were low and caused the scale to not read accurately. A mistake I will not repeat
***Cleanliness is next to godliness, wash everything.

Fall Italian Garden Salami

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Meat typePork


  • Boston Butt


  1. Boston Butt
  2. Kosher salt
  3. Dried Garlic
  4. Dried Onion
  5. Red Onion fresh
  6. Multicolor Peppercorn
  7. Paprika
  8. Cilantro
  9. fennel/Anise
  10. red Peper
  11. Black olives
  12. parmigiano
  13. Mozzerella
  14. Basil
  15. redwine
  16. cherry tomato