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Nutmeg and Mace Lonzino

By Marcus Schnell on 24 December 2021
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This is probably my favorite,  of the lonzino recipes i have tried to date. The sugar is optional,  and i only use it on commodity loins. The flavors mature well and i would highly recommend a 6-12 month maturing under vacuum, after drying. 

Nutmeg and Mace Lonzino

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Meat typePork


  • Salt at 2.5%
  • White sugar at 1%
  • Granulated Garlic at 1%
  • Black pepper at 0.4%
  • Cure 2 at 0.25%
  • Nutmeg at 0.2%
  • Ground Mace at 0.2%
  • Pork loin


  1. Apply cure ingredients in a vacuum bag. Loosely seal, so that the spices can be worked around during occasional overhauling. Cure 6-8 weeks
  2. Remove meat from the cure and case/truss/net as desired
  3. Dry product at 45-50⁰f at approximately 75% RH
  4. Dry product to desired weight loss. I like 40-45%. Product pictured was pulled at 42%
  5. Vacuum seal to mature and equalize as desired
  6. Slice, and enjoy