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Simple EQ ‘Prosciutto’ Style Ham

By John Gower on 21 November 2021
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This is a simple and reliable method for producing a measured cure/EQ style air dried ham (good to be adapted for any whole muscle) and will give a nice mild ‘Prosciutto’ style product. It was adapted from a great method from Franco Sotgiu and is a good way for beginners to try out a parma style project and also a simple, foolproof procedure for those wanting consistent reliable hams.

Simple EQ ‘Prosciutto’ Style Ham

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Meat typePork


  • Bulk Cure Mix:
  • 350g coarse sea salt
  • 25g cure#2 (alternative name Prague powder 2)
  • 250g light brown sugar
  • 40g coarse ground black pepper
  • 10g ground juniper berries
  • 25g garlic powder
  • Cure application: 44g per kg in two stages (so total of 88g per kg)


  1. Ensure ham is clean and dried off.
  2. Weigh meat carefully and Rub on 44g per kg of cure mix above.
  3. Wrap very tightly in film (saran) or vac bag if you have a big enough one (best way).
  4. Fridge for two weeks with weight on.
  5. Unwrap and repeat the same 4 steps above.
  6. Unwrap rinse, dry off and hang in relatively warm space overnight.
  7. Hang in in your chamber for min 90 days (10-12c/Low 50'sF and mid 70s RH).