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Simple Hot Link

By Peter Gee on 19 December 2021
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This is a simple, reliable and easy hot link recipe that never lets me down. Add small cubed cheddar when mixing as a nice twist if you like.

Simple Hot Link

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Meat typeBeef


  • Lean Beef 1000g
  • Beef Fat 250g
  • Rusk 100g
  • Beer 100g
  • Tabasco. 15g
  • Hot Mustard. 15g
  • Dark Brown sugar 15g
  • Minced Garlic 6g
  • Salt 18g
  • Dried Thyme. 3g
  • Fresh ground black pepper. 4g
  • Red Pepper flakes 4g


  1. Par freeze all meat and fat
  2. Grind meat and fat on a medium plate
  3. Mix with all dry ingredients
  4. Grind full mixture again on same plate
  5. Add beer and mix well until well incorporated and becoming sticky
  6. stuff in preferred casings and twist off into 6" links
  7. hang to set and dry off in chiller
  8. Smoke at 200-225f for 2 hours