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Welsh Dragon Sausages

By Leslie Stone on 02 December 2021
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These are my take on a local sausage to me in South Wales. My thinking is that when cooked, the pork is the white, the leek is the green and the chillies are red of the Welsh Flag. Yes, I have been asked “where do you get the dragon? “. These aren’t a breakfast sausage but a good lunch or dinner sausage. Onion Gravy, mash and veg complete. Please enjoy

Welsh Dragon Sausages

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Meat typePork


  • 1000g pork shoulder
  • 420g chopped leeks, mainly green tops
  • 5 finely diced red chillies, mild
  • 3g groung cayenne pepper
  • 6g ground white pepper
  • 13g salt
  • 78g iced water


  1. Mince the pork through a medium plate
  2. Lightly fry the leek to soften it then allow to cool
  3. Dice the chillies as fine as possible. DON'T use hot chillies.
  4. Add all the remaining ingredients to the Minced Pork and work it til there is a good bindi
  5. Adjust the spicing by adding more cayenne. These aren't meant to be super hot just a nice tingle/buzz
  6. Stuff into hog casings and link to desired lengths
  7. Allow to let the flavour meld in the fridge before using