Silver Stars Index – seeking out excellence

We are very pleased, in association with our sponsors and partners, to announce the 2021 launch of ‘The Charcuterie Board’s Silver Stars Index’ to recognise UK charcuterie producers operating to the highest possible standards. 

Since January our panel of assessors have been actively looking at all current TCB Producer Members and considering both their company and their produce (using a wide-ranging and detailed set of appraisal criteria) in order to seek out and reward examples of true excellence within the UK charcuterie industry. 

Assessment criteria will focus on quality in terms of the products themselves, the highest consistent standards of production, the quality of the meats and their sourcing, the quality and traceability of other ingredients used but also crucially, the quality of the business itself. How the business presents itself, how it functions within the market and what frameworks they have in place to ensure the ‘all round’ excellence of their work and customer experiences.

The initial assessments are undertaken remotely, without the Producer Member’s involvement, followed later by direct contact then being made to understand some of the more in-depth details and information, to complete the assessment criteria.

A very, small number of those TCB Producer Members whose work, care and produce represents the very highest possible standards will be awarded the TCB ‘Silver Stars’. This will serve as UK charcuterie making’s mark of excellence; a seal of trust that both trade and public consumers alike can recognise and take as an assurance of the very best in UK charcuterie. 

The full index assessment criteria will be published on the TCB website for our Producer Members to see what elements of their business will be considered and holders will be listed for all the years they hold either 1, 2 or potentially even 3 Stars.

Although all TCB Producer Members will be considered within the scheme, we would also welcome representations or recommendations from members of the industry, public or associated bodies regarding any of our Producer Members and why. This can be done by simply emailing us your views at under the title – TCB Silver Star Index.

More news to follow soon…