Silver Stars Index 2023

2023 sees the Silver Stars index continuing to seek out and recognise genuine excellence within our independent producer members. The confidential assessment and evaluation of potential holders of a Silver Star is an ongoing process, with the criteria being set out HERE

The announcement of Silver Star awards will now take place every September, where the trophy certification and entry into the index will take place for those who have reached a level of excellence in all aspects of their operation and who stand as the very best examples of the craft. Existing holders of the Award will also be reassessed each year to ensure standards have been maintained

In some very exciting news we are very pleased to reveal that 2023 will also see the rolling out of the Silver Stars index to North America, where our team will undertake evaluation, secret shopping, and in-depth assessment of potential North American Silver Star awardees. Announcements in the USA will also take place every September simultaneous with the established UK index, helping to gradually create an internationally recognised marque of excellence in the cured meat sector.