‘Sketching a Pig’ – by Nathan C. Gilmour 

We are pleased to bring news of an incredible new residential course being run by Nathan and Reece in Umbria, Italy.

“The idea for Sketching a Pig was born over five years ago, the brainchild of our friend and colleague Jason Osburn of Felony Provisions and the team at International Center for the Arts in Umbria, Italy. After his sudden passing, I was approached by his family, Poco, as well as his close friend and business partner, Rece Hogerheide.

In speaking with them, and trying to wrap our heads around what happened, our conversations kept coming back to continuing his work and carrying his memory forward through this project – a project to which he was so very close and into which had poured his heart and soul. We landed on the name “Sketching a Pig” as it connotes a striving, a reaching, and a first step in a process, as well as being one of the first teaching tools of my masters in France. In order to understand a thing, we first have to create a basis upon which to build; a sketch. 

Finding ourselves now four years on, and one or two pandemics behind us (as well as one or two aborted launches due to travel restrictions across oceans), we’re finally ready to announce and run our inaugural Sketching a Pig course this May in Umbria, in collaboration with the ICA. I reached out to my friend John Gower at and some of the other ‘vintage’ SCP Members with a heads up to the program, because I knew that The Charcuterie Board and the Salt Cured Pig were the natural place to speak about the workshop and training course.” 

Set out below is a run down of some of the principle questions in relation to the course. We have set out more details and itinerary information in a separate article HERE

When is it?

11th-21st May 2023

What is it? 

An all-inclusive, hands-on butchery-for-charcuterie course taught in a castle in an Umbrian mountain town. Yes. you get to stay in the castle. We’re running a knife-in-hand show, we’ll break at least one hog as a team, as well as anything that the local hunters bag for us while we’re there. We’ve already secured some shoulders of cinghiale in the freezer. We will prepare salumi for hanging, preserved products, as well as multiple cooked, RTE products. 

Who is it for? 

Skilled passionate amateurs, weekend-warriors, and professionals. We will be playing at a high level and expect you to be ready to run with us – there will be no discussion of ‘bacon recipes’. If you’re unsure if you’re ready, but you have a jerry-rigged fridge serving as a drying cabinet full of happy product, get out here to Umbria ASAP! 

What are we learning? 

We’re going to focus on nose-to-tail utilization in the Umbrian style, think whole muscles, hand cut salami, salting techniques, preservation methods, and traditional practices. Alongside the salumi-focused elements, we’re going to bring in live fire cooking, as well as receive traditional dish workshop demos from the ICA Team.

How much does it cost? 

Last I checked it the course was running 4860 Euro – including all meals, transportation to/from FCO, rooms, and (probably) most importantly drink. Also included is a Michelin-starred lunch, a bunch of excursions, at least one wine tasting, and at least one salumi producer tasting. Frankly, it’s a steal. It’s going to be bananas. 

Why should I come? 

Because there’s no other courses on offer in the world that focus directly on charcuterie / salumi production with a hands-on butchery element. Also, you get to hang out and taste some of the best foods and wines in the world in late Spring in Italy. Umbria, and specifically Norcia, is known globally for their salumi production. Can you beat that? 

A final note; 

This is the first Sketching a Pig course we’ve released worldwide – we’re counting on you to come and partake to continue this tradition forward. If we gather enough sign-ups for this May, we will also plan to run an Autumn Session – full of new practices, dishes, and preparations for the fall. 

So, don’t dally and come sign up – tickets are open until April 16th at midnight. Places are limited – we already have some signups and the maximum course size is 16. Come on out for the adventure of a lifetime!

Full list of included amenities and specific itinerary are outlined on the Sign-Up Page! 

We look forward to welcoming you on what will be a fascinating immersion into the heart of charcuterie and the foundation on which we hope a continuation of the craft will be built moving forward. 

Book your place or find out more HERE