Spotlight on – Bizerba

We at the Charcuterie Board are proud to put the spotlight on our commercial member, a titan of their industry with a strong focus on quality. German company Bizerba is an industry leader in the production of goods for weighing, slicing and labelling technologies. Started in 1866 in Balingen, the company was formed by the Bizer brothers who who gave the company its name and proceeded to make waves in the technological development of the industry.

In 1924 Bizerba produced the worlds first pendulum quadrant weighing scales, stepping away from the time consuming method of weighing goods against each other and revolutionising the industry. Continuing to innovate, by the 1960s Bizerba had created the worlds first electronic weighing scales, again revolutuionising the entire industry for weights and measures by allowing for far easier and less time consuming measurement- just as the had done with the pendulum scales before.

To this day, Bizerba produces the highest standard of industry equipment, including scales, slicers and meat processors as well as retail and industry software. Operating internationally including in Europe, all American states, and the newest branch having opened in Singapore in 2015, wherever you find yourself in the world Bizerba can have a helping hand in your production. With Andreas Wilhelm Kraut made CEO in 2011, the family company Bizerba is now managed by a fifth generation shareholder, with the company to this day under the sole ownership of the founding family- staying true to its roots in quality, innovation, and identity, over 150 years after the company was founded.

With such a quality range of products we can recommend any product from Bizerba as of the highest standard, but the Manual Vertical Slicer VSC280 available at is perfect for any size producer as a powerful all rounder that Bizerba describe as ‘Ideal for all manual slicing tasks such as cooked ham, boiled and cooked sausages, sliced cheese or long-life goods such as salami and air-dried ham.’ We can firmly recommend a browse of Bizerba products as a reliable source of quality and innovation in machinery for all food production.