Spotlight on – Humidity Solutions

The Charcuterie Board commercial member Humidity Solutions, is a UK based firm specialising in humidity and temperature control, offering a great range of reliable, high quality products to charcuterie producers, with a strong customer service network as well.

Over the last few years Humidity Solutions has played an active role in the British charcuterie industry. Providing systems for well respected producers as well as sponsoring Best New Product across all classes for British Charcuterie Live which it has proudly supported since the beginning, while more recently having joined the community here as a commercial member of the Charcuterie Board as they seek to continue their work in providing the great systems that producers need to achieve the high standards they expect.

The company stock respected brands such as Vapac and Cotes, who provide highly reliable humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can ensure the 60-70% relative humidity you need in your drying rooms. While also providing state of the art refrigeration systems, Humidity Solutions also offers incredible customer care with a free survey, design and quotation as well as contracted maintenance for their systems and equipment and an installation service.

So whether you be an amateur home maker, or a seasoned producer we would recommend Humidity Solutions as a surefire way of making sure your curing facilities are up to scratch and the process your goods need to go through, kept in safe hands. You can visit Humidity Solutions website to find out more here-