Spotlight on – Peacock Salt

Continuing with our profiles of Commercial Members of The Charcuterie Board we look at a company founded in 1874 by John Craig Peacock. Peacock Salt started out as a shipping company agent in the heart of Glasgow and gradually grew into what is now one of the largest food salt suppliers worldwide. This 145 year history make Peacock, by far, the oldest salt company in the United Kingdom, and indeed one of the oldest in the world.

5 generations later, current Managing Director, Gregorie Marshall, is just as committed to ensuring the company continues to grow and adapt “we are committed to understanding the products and our customer needs more than ever. As a family business, we take the long term view – customer/employee relations, integrity and trust are paramount, over and above turnover – we are, indeed, Serious about Salt”.

As well as serving various markets with salts from industrial to road gritting what will be of particular interest to members of The Charcuterie Board will be its many food grade salts sourced in the UK and from abroad to match your business requirements. For the highest standard and purity we offer PDV food grade salts made in the UK which are BRC certified. For specialist food processing we offer a range of sea, rock and curing salts. Each comes in different grain sizes to suit your application.

Fine and Coarse grade Sea slats, Himalayan Pink salts provide great general purpose ingredients and the pre-mixed nitrite curing salt (featuring 0.6% sodium nitrite) offers a simple, efficient and reliable solution for ham and bacon making. You can check out the whole range here

No matter what type of salt you need, whatever the application, Peacock Salt has the years of experience to help and is there to ensure you get the best from each of their products and can be reached on

Featured Product – Curing Salt

Nitrite Curing Salt in a 25kg bag.

  • Helps to ensure the preservation, safety and colour of cured meats.
  • Serves as an anti-oxidiser.
  • A mix of table salt and 0.6% nitrite ready to use.