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We are very pleased to publish the first of what will be our regular features highlighting ‘Commercial Members’, companies who support the sector through the supply of vital allied materials or equipment without which our producer members could not function.

Where better place to start then than with one of our first commercial members, a long standing and well respected company that many will already be very familiar with – Weschenfelders!

The Weschenfelder family have been in the sausage making business since 1921 and the modern incarnation of the company can be traced back to when Ludwig Weschenfelder arrived in the UK from Nurnberg in 1898 as part of a significant wave of German butchers operating in the North East of England. The young Ludwig worked as a butchers apprentice in Middlesbrough, with his uncle, a German pork butcher.

Later, in the early years of the 20th Century came the move into the sausage casing business using knowledge handed down from the family and in 1921 the Weschenfelder business was created and the factory became a major supplier of natural casings of all types to the sausage making and charcuterie industries.

Having sold the factory Tim, Rob and Nic, who are the current generation running the family firm, launched into Internet based sales some 10 years ago and reached entirely new markets, both in the UK and around the world, supplying a huge range of sausage making machinery, equipment, sundries, seasonings and expertise to home and professional users worldwide as well as continuing as a major supplier of all types of casing for sausages, salami and other cured meat production.

Using the Minnie Plus Sausage Stuffer

The ideal sausage stuffer for making small batches of sausages from your home.

Posted by Weschenfelder on Tuesday, 26 November 2019

For a font of knowledgeable advice as well as a huge range of products we can recommend all of our members getting in touch with Weschenfelder at

Star Product – One of the great new products you will be able to find on the website, and one we at The Charcuterie Board believe will be a real game changer for many producers, are the dried hog casings (avaliable in sizes 46, 55, 65 and 70mm) which allows a perfectly uniform diameter product but in a traditional natural casing – talk about win win!

Find this amazing casing here at