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We are pleased to reveal those products our Panellists reviewed, appraised and which, we feel represent the ideal selection for 2020

We hope you will try out these fantastic products and give us your own feedback. If you wish to order any of the following selection, please click on the link which will take you straight to the Producers website


Curing Rebels – The Brighton Salami 

“Mellow yet rich flavour with an aromatic flow from the fennel, plus the packaging is fully biodegradable” “Great texture and bright clean flavours, FAB product” “Absolute stunner, lovely flavour, best salami in ages”


.Dutchy Charcuterie – Prosciutto 

“Just beautiful, a classic done exceptionally well” “Perfect, heavenly… Emotional!”

“Excellent, as good as the best of what we’ve eaten in Italy


Hay Charcuterie – Herefordshire Cider Chorizo 

“Loved the gentle smoky almost Bourbon like sweetness to this one,

it had a great firm texture without being over dried, a real pantry staple, delicious”



SaltPig Curing – Air Dried Smoked Belly

“Outstanding flavour, the smoked flavour was perfect”

“Great texture, lovely flavour”

“Very nice flavour, good smoke, lovely cut & presentation” “Very tasty, nice flavour and texture”



The Bakers Pig – Pepper Coppa

“This was an excellent Coppa, full cure, full flavour and perfectly packaged”

“Good flavour, nutty creamy fat, great marbling”



Dutchy Charcuterie – Fennel Salami

“Perfectly mixed and the fat just melted on the tongue”

“Nice simple flavours, well made”


Good Game Charcuterie – Devon Coppa Ham

“Delicious wintery aromas that give way to a sophisticated full-bodied flavour without overpowering the flavour of the pork, perfect by the fire with a good Port!”


Wildman Charcuterie – Wild Boar Salami

“Loved the flavour and texture” “Delicious and eats really well”

“Nicely made, great ‘Boar’ flavour, well presented”


Great Glen Charcuterie – Venison & Green Pepper Salami

“Nice and moist, not over-powering and well balanced, smooth, velvety, luxurious with the right amount of fat” “Very nice, lean but juicy. Great flavours, well made, excellent product, good aroma” “Absolutely loved this!!!!”


Hay Charcuterie – Hereford Ham

“Beautifully presented packaging, perfectly sliced, great deep colour to the meat, perfectly pitched seasoning that complements the pork, stunning!” “Looks stunning, delightful texture, a great product”



The Real Cure – Smoked Dorset ’Nduja

“Amazing texture and flavour, not too fatty”

“Full of flavour, great balance of spices” “Unusual but delicious, very good to see new takes. So nice!”


Wildman Charcuterie – Malhamdale Beltie Bresaola

“This was an absolute front runner. Smooth, rich deep flavours. Just needed more and a big bottle of red and some camembert. Please send whole cow!”



Highly recommended alternative options… that will work just as well on your Charcuterie board

Deli Farm – Cornish Coppa

London Smoke & Cure – House Saucisson

Duchy Charcuterie – Lomo

The Real Cure – Dorset Aberdeen Angus Bresaola

SaltPig Curing – Garlic & Pepper Salami – Cotswold ‘Nduja

Hay Charcuterie – Coppa – ‘Nduja – Lomo – Embuchado


The Charcuterie Board would like to thank all of the Producers involved, who sent their amazing array of

British Charcuterie and to all the Panellists who gave up their time to review those products, without you all

The TCB and Angel Refrigeration ‘Summer of Charcuterie 2020’ event would not have been possible.


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