Summer of Charcuterie King of the Snacks; Ke Nako Biltong

At this years Summer of Charcuterie, the snack department featured some great products from some wonderful producers, one of those however, clearly stole the show. Ke Nako Biltong finished in first place with their Biltong, as well as placing another 3 products into the top ten snacks we tried. It doesn’t get any more moreish than that!

Ke Nako Biltong - The best artisan South African food producers in the UK

Alanagh Chipperfield and Ilse Van Staden started Ke Nako in 2012, and have since developed a almost cult like following for their unique product range, winning Top of the Shops in 2018, Gold at the Irish Food Awards 2018, and Great Taste awards in 2018 and 19. Inspired by South African flavours, Ke Nako Biltong started to sell their produce at local markets across Belfast, and have now centered their operations at the entirely organic Ballylagan Farm in Straid, north of Belfast. Using only 100% Irish beef, the dedication Ke Nako Biltong shows to real, local ingredients is key to creating the amazing flavours they put across in their charcuterie.

The products they gave us for Summer of Charcuterie that really shone through the Snack category were their classic Ke Nako Biltong Biltong, their beautiful Droewors (pictured), along with their Chilli Biltong and Garlic Biltong, which took 1st, 3rd, 2nd and 4th place respectfully, showing just why Ke Nako are quite right in saying that their Biltong is the best this country has to offer. You can check out their full range of goods here at