Summer of Charcuterie Producers: Good Game Charcuterie

One of the producers at this summers event that had a significant number of products that were extremely well received, especially in the ‘snack product’ category, were the Devon based Good Game Charcuterie who turned in a varied array of different products which went down very well with our Summer of Charcuterie review panelists , with five of their entries finishing in top tens, displaying how their traditional approach to things is helping them turn out some reliably great Whole Muscle and Snacking products.

Good Game place quality of ingredients and an emphasis on simple traditional methods at the forefront of their work, making their goods with meat they either rear themselves or buy from local farming partners, they source their game the same way, hunting themselves or buying from local sources, and buy their spices as much as possible from Devon based producers, believing that direct contact with growers and producers is the best way to ensure transparency, provenance and the high quality ingredients that Good Game’s ethos is based on. They focus, as much as possible, on organic ingredients combined with traditional methods of curing, they also have one range entirely nitrate and nitrite free, cured only with salt and the clean Exe and Clyst Valley air.

These tradition methods are evident in the food, with their Air Dried Coppa finishing in joint 5th in the Whole Muscle category, closely followed up by their beautiful Ruby Beef Bresoala. They also put in a strong show in the Snack category, with their Ruby Beef Biltong, Devon Fire Nibblers and Topsham Tuscan Snacking Salami finishing in the top ten, displaying the amazing range of quality Good Game Charcuterie has to offer.

If you’d like to try some of these great products for yourself then please, take a look at the rest of what Good Game has to offer such as a fantastic subscription service ‘Meat Club’ and a well stocked on line store offering next day deliveries – check out their whole range of products here-