At The Charcuterie Board we are pleased to be able to offer preferential advertising rates to all affiliate members and their businesses.

One of the fundamentals regarding advertising with us and through our wider network is about reaching the right audience. We recognise that the cured meats sector is, by its very nature, a quite narrow, some might say niche, field. As a result much mainstream advertising spend will be wasted on the vast majority of its viewers or readers who are not engaged with, or enthusiastic about, Charcuterie and its making, production or promotion in the way we are here!

Advertising, as an affiliate member, with The Charcuterie Board gives direct access to a refined, fully engaged and focused target audience, meaning every advertisement and promotion hits its mark, every time!

The Charcuterie Board and its wider social media network, including our associated groups, pages and on line communities (with over 35k members), as well as our website visitors, offers a reach of some 65,000 genuinely engaged cured meats enthusiasts. That’s keen consumers, Chefs & other hospitality providers, hobby makers, independent artisanal and commercial producers plus a whole host of allied businesses within the wider sector. This is the market your advertising needs to reach, and so often doesn’t when using mainstream or less focused channels.

Our advertising and promotional packages can be designed to accommodate all budget options, tailored to best suit your needs, and all offer significant savings when compared to typical print media or trade publication ads but with enhanced focus to hit your targets.

Affiliate Members can advertise on our website with leaderboard style advertising with click through links to your chosen destination at a range of visibility levels and frequency to suit your monthly budget. Terms are as short as 3 months and all packages come with additional FREE promotion across our unrivalled social media channels to give you great visibility and interaction with the widest possible audience.

To find out about our rates and also discuss your options please contact Debbie on

Sponsorship opportunities

The Charcuterie Board has a schedule of major events across the annual calendar all of which bring huge attention to all aspects of the cured meat world. Each year the following events include sponsorship and partnership opportunities for a number of companies wishing to work with us in promoting the very best in Charcuterie.

The Charcuterie Board London Gala (January)

The Charcuterie Board Spring Conference (April)

The ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ (June to August)

The Charcuterie Board Autumn Conference (September)

The Charcuterie Board ‘Silver Stars’ Index

The Charcuterie Board & Salt Cured Pig International Recipe Competition

Great British Bacon Making Live! (July)

To find out about these events and options for working with us in a sponsorship or partner role please contact Debbie on