The Charcuterie Board of 2021

This years Summer of Charcuterie review was the biggest so far with huge thanks to teh generous sponsors and partners that made it possible Angel Refrigeration, Bizerba UK and The British Pig Association. It saw a huge array of our producer members finest products tasted, tested and reviewed by our nationwide panel of food industry experts & keen, enthusiastic consumers, plus quite a few of their friends and family who have all helped provide great feedback and thoughts on everything they tried.

After the main results were published it came down to the tricky task of putting together, or ‘cure ating’ a group of the best rated products to form our recommended ‘Charcuterie Board of 2021’ drawn from those meats that received the best reviews from our panelists, those that achieved ‘favourite’ tags from our reviewers and also those that complimented each other when viewed as a tasty selection for you to enjoy and that reflects the most popular items reviewed this year.

Without further delay then, HERE IT IS, ‘The Charcuterie Board of 2021’!