Inaugural ‘The Charcuterie Board Silver Stars’ scheme for producers announced for 2020

As part of The Charcuterie Boards work to promote the very best of our craft, we are pleased to announce a new scheme of Silver Stars, to recognise and celebrate the very best makers we have. With the scheme launching in various parts of the world, members wishing to take part will be invited to submit to a detailed index of assessment including example products that they think best reflect their skill, style and imagination as well as other aspects of their company approach, sourcing and story.

These factors will all be assessed by our panel of Inspectors made up of industry figures, will include visits to selected makers as well as wider assessment of their work as a company. Assessment will take place throughout the year and results will be announced and published in the Autumn as an end of season celebration of everything that is great about charcuterie & cured meats. Entry will be for all producer members, will be free of any charges and, although the assessment process itself will be private, its methods and conclusions will be transparent. The coveted Silver Stars will represent recognition of the producers’ care, skill and dedication in everything they do and will be something that the industry can celebrate and customers will see as the ultimate assurance of quality.

The Charcuterie Board is currently organising a North American, Australian and UK Silver Star scheme and will add new regions as plans progress. In the UK, members will be assessed between March & August 2020 with a celebratory September weekend event to announce results which will also feature public showcase & trade/press days for all involved.

Whilst ‘The Charcuterie Board Silver Star’ scheme will be about assessing producers rather than any given product, we will also be working with and helping promote other existing awards organisers where the focus is more on judging individual products.

More details to follow…