The Charcuterie Board ‘Summer of Charcuterie 2021’

As many people will be aware, we stepped in at short notice last year after the collapse of the Cured Meat Awards and put together a wide, ranging review of entrants’ products under the ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ 2020. We were blown away by the positive feedback we received regarding this event, the amazing input from all of our review panellists and just the sheer quality and breadth of all the UK salamis, cured meats and snack products that were entered. 

Having had a chance to take stock, look at potential improvements to the format and also having been inundated with people wanting to get involved to sample and celebrate what became the most comprehensive review of the state of British charcuterie ever undertaken, we have decided to make The Summer of Charcuterie Review an annual event. 

With an even larger selection of panellists from across the food industry and a more concentrated review period within the summer months, we will once again be doing an in-depth assessment of the variety and quality of British charcuterie in 2021 and highlighting all of the amazing products on offer from all over the UK. 

Debbie has been tweaking the format to ensure its nice and easy for our members to enter their products and that each entry is tasted and reviewed by the widest range of panellists possible. Once again, entry will be FREE OF CHARGE to all TCB Producer Members and will again have a rolling schedule of profiles, features and promotions that will highlight the fantastic work of all of our amazing producers here in the UK.

We would love to make the ‘Summer of Charcuterie’ 2021 an even more complete review this year, so that the industry and consumers can see the full diversity of charcuterie products that are being invented, produced, and supplied around the UK. More details will be available on our website and Social media channels in due course, so those Producer Members wanting to enter products this year can plan ahead. All you need to do at this stage, is to email Debbie advising details of your intended entries – this can be done from TODAY!

Entries are limited to a maximum of 10 products from each Producer Member across the 3 categories of Salami, Cured Whole Muscle Meat and Snack products. 

Details of the products you intend to enter this year, can be registered by emailing Debbie at stating the following:

Product name

A brief description

Category entered

The deadline for notice of entries will be 15th April

We will then collate all entries received into a suitable ‘Tasting Schedule’ for our expanded Review Panel – which will include chefs, food writers, food industry figures and retailers, who are all keen once again to see the care and craft that has come to underpin so much of our wonderful, cured meat production. 

All Producers will then be emailed (an improved for this year) ‘Schedule of Delivery’ for their entries to be sent in and distributed to our panellists throughout June, July and August, before the Panellists ‘Review Results’ and Final ‘TCB Selection Board for 2021’ are revealed in the autumn at The Charcuterie Board’s ’End of Season Gala’ (further details to be announced later, when government restrictions are known).

Here at The Charcuterie Board, we can’t wait to see what you have on offer this year and if you are not already a TCB Producer Member and you would like to take advantage of this Free of Charge Event (along with various other free events being announced during the coming months) we look forward to welcoming you on board!